Monday, January 15, 2007

MerapuMan's Cat

If you like cat jokes, then that is the site to visit. There's a lot of cats on that blog. Most of them are really funny. Merapuman does not own any cat but when it comes to funny picture of cats, then that's the place to visit. The coolest cats of them all is from the Planets of the Cats post. This is one of them.

Cool right? Don't know how to deal with your Naughty Cats. Don't worry, there is nothing dirty about that naughty cats post. It is just what you can do to your naughty cats but beware, if you love you cat very much, it is a little bit cruel.

This site is doing a favor him as he is currently taking part on a SEO challenge of Melayu Boleh. Check out his site.

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The Bizarre Jokester (WOW!) said...

hi! thanks for exchanging links! you've been linked!

Black Cat said...

tq, hv added your link

BLaCkFeLiNe said...

merapuman's in this too...*sigh*

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