Thursday, February 8, 2007

Is Black Cate Evil?

A black cat is just another cat. Just that the color is black does not make it bad. It is no different from the yellow ones, the white ones or even ones with spots. Many people fear black cats. People often associate them with bad luck and thanks to Hollywood, it made matters worse. They made black cats look bad. Negative reputation is really bad for my image :)

Well, rest assured, this black cat will not be involve in supernatural rituals, Black Magic or even Witchcraft and I will not bring you bad luck.

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Srikanth said...

hi, nice blog....
i don't believe that black cats are bad, infact i find them very cute!!! :D

i would like to exchange links with you.

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just comment on my blog, when you put up my link, and i'll reciprocate.


BLaCkFeLiNe said...

pssst! black reality I'm not so fond of cats,especially when they become playful and start jumping on me..
ppl ask me...why do I like the name blackfeline...I tell them...coz it's sexy!

ingrid said...

I would just like to congratulate you for a great blog.

Anonymous said...

how about link exchange?
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Gentleman-hobbs said...

I have 2 black cats, not that I have a foot fetish or anything but prey tell me do you have white paws too?

goa said...

Wats up??

You know Goa... its famous for its beaches. I have a blog on this place... Goa Blog...

I found your blogs very interesting ya... I wonder if we could exchange links.. wat say?

let me know.. it will be good for you as i get 7500+ hits per day and for me it will be good because i will get to display links, of the categories you write on, on my blog. Currently i am trying to cover 1 blog link of 1 category each like tech.., cooking.. jokes.. etc.

Give me a link with title : GOA

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Black Cat said...

I have added the links already

No my paws are black :)

I cant connect to your web site. Will try again later.