Tuesday, October 23, 2007

How long can a cat live?

How long can a cat live? What is the lifespan of a cat? It is usual for a cat to live up to 18 or 20 years of age. The oldest known cat live to celebrate a 36th birthday. It's quite unusual. There's one cat who lived 43 years.

Some 75 of street cars who don't have the benefit of medical care die before they are three months old while a properly cared cats can typically live some 14 years. Like people, being long-lived is partly inherited. A cat whose mum and grandma lived to be 16 tends to be similarly long-lived and have vigorous progeny. So, now you should know which type of cats to get if if you want to start a cat breeding family.

Once cats reach their 8th or 9th birthday, they may need to adjust their diet and lifestyle, just like many people in their 50s. The have to be choosy with the food they are consuming and maybe take a few supplements specially designed for kitties. They are like people after all.

After the age of 12, most cats like act like human octogenarians (someone whose age is in the eighties - senior citizens), but they still enjoy an active life if properly cared for. They might not jump on the bed in one big swoop, but they'll be certain to enjoy a game with a ping pong ball!

The best way to ensure your cat lives a long, healthy life is to consult your vet about vaccinations, and to visit him semi annually for health check. Do this even if your cat is fine.

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