Monday, November 12, 2007

When Your Cat Loses Its Partner

When a cat dies and leaves a partner behind, it is important that you let tell your cat about it. The easiest way is to allow the surviving cat to see the body. If you don't, your cat may spend weeks frantically searching for their lost companion.

It doesn't matter if you don't have a cat. Even if you have a dog, a horse or even a white rat, let them know. All animals mourn their loved ones just like humans do. And like humans, a mourning animal may also be listless, suffer from insomnia, start urinating everywhere or have other problems. Some may be refuse to eat, some howl and some may even tear up their favorite toys.

If your pet is mourning, the best way to handle it is to behave as you would with a grieving child. Spend more time together. Talk to them and give them the extra cuddle they need. Make sure they know that you are paying attention and will always be there for them.

However, if your pet won't drink or eat anything after two weeks or so, consult your vet for advice. If your vet can't do much, send it to Dr. House ... ha..ha..ha..

Anyway, comforting a cat that just lost its mate is one thing, finding a new partner can also be difficult.

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