Saturday, February 9, 2008

Should I Get A Maine Coon Cat?

I need to find a place that have kittens for sale. I need to get a new cat.

If you noticed, I never post anything about my own cat. Not that I don't want to, but they are not with me anymore. I have 2 cats. I can't remember the exact breed as the parents are mixed. Anyway, one is a black and white (Jake), and the other one in orange (Hunter).

None of them are with me now. Jake was hit by a car while casing another cat while Hunter was bitten to death by stray dogs (one of the reason why I hate dogs). Between those two, Hunter was my best friend. He would follow anywhere I go. While I was playing tennis and, even when he has his own bed, he would always be on mine (on my legs) in the morning. I missed that warmth feeling.

One of the reason I have this blog is to write about cats, get familiarized with the topic and also to consider getting another cat. I was considering maine coon cats, but I am not sure I can get one near my place.

Maine Coon Cat is one of the oldest breeds of cats. They can be found everywhere in the world as they can withstand warm and even cold climates. I thing I like about them is their good-natured personality. This will make them safe with kids, but in general, most cats are kids friendly. Trust me on this.

I was looking around and found this classifieds of maine coon cats for sale. Still thinking :)

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Anonymous said...

My husband and I gave each other two Maine Coon cats for Christmas. It was the best thing we could do to cheer us up this winter. They are so beautiful and funny. They love to talk and purr and play. You should get one or two for sure.

Black Cat said...

kittens? if someone giving me cats, i prefer kittens as they r much easier to teach, at young age. the people on the receiving end must be very lucky :)