Saturday, March 1, 2008

White Tigers: The Cruelty Behind the Magic

White tiger is not a sub-species of tiger. It's actually a genetic defect.

In this special edition of Species Spotlight we look at the VERY popular white tiger (which isn't a separate species of tiger.) White tigers in captivity are produced from inbreeding and they actually weaken the captive tiger gene pool and they do nothing to help real conservation of the tiger. We state the first white was found in the 1950's as reports earlier to this may or may not have taken place in India.

*Please urge anyone you see exhibiting white tigers to get them spayed or neutered as we CAN stop this abuse in our generation. Since they bring in $$$, many places breed them, and this has to be stopped in order to put the emphasis back into the real tiger species and into conservation and welfare over simple entertainment.

More info of White Tigers.

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