Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Cat : Indoors Only

Cats that are kept inside can have a long live. This is because they are not exposed to disease and danger. Being cleaner and free of parasite means better health for your cat and your family. This is particularly good for your children.

However, although keeping cat indoors is safer, it may not be suitable for all cats. Some drawbacks include:

Behavioral Problems
Cats that are totally kept indoors have higher tendencies of inappropriate soiling, indoor markings and other psychological issues.

Fat Cat

fat cat is not sexy

Cats who don't need to hunt will become lazy and if they over eat, they will become fat. Boredom can lead your cat to eat more.

Cleaning their shit :P will be more often. Enough said.

Since they are accustomed to their static environment. They tend to resist and also scared of your friends.

If your cat has never leave your home, you must make sure there are no ways that the cat can leave to the outdoor environment. This can be deadly as they dont have the skills and not street savvy to survive. They might also don't know how to find their way home.

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A.Russ said...

You forgot to mention that there is a solution to both the indoor/outdoor debate. Outdoor cat enclosures! The best of both worlds. Google Catararium to see ours. We are going to start custom building these in Seattle.

Black Cat said...

no, i did not forget. just that we are not very famialiar with those things here :)

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