Saturday, June 21, 2008

Cat Food

What is the best type of food to get for your cat? Can we share our food with our cats? A friend of mine and of course, myself, found out the wrong way. We shared our durians with his cat. It ended with its head became swollen. I wrote about it before, you can read about it here. It was the funniest moment with his cat.

When I started with Jake and Hunter, I chose the wrong food too. I gave them rice with boiled fish. I thought fish, does not matter how you cook it, is a natural cat food. I was wrong, and both cat began to shed some of their hair as they lacked others. Cats also need to have a balanced diet like the rest of us but that does not mean they can eat what we eat.

Then I started giving them dried packed food. One thing good about pack food is that it can be left in the bowl all day and still remain fresh. It has much less odor if compared to wet food and easier to clean. It comes in a variety of taste as well, but the problem with the commercial packed food is that, the ingredients may not be all natural.

I found out lately about holistic cat food. Food made from 100% natural ingredients with no steroids, no hormones, no by-products, no preservatives etc .. etc .. etc :)

What is holistic cat food? Is it something holly :P ha..ha.., it's all about being natural and safe. Anyway, it's about time you really look into what your cat eat. If you are concern about what you eat, why should your cat eat anything less. Get them the best.

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