Monday, July 21, 2008

Black Feline Co-Owner

When I registered this blog, I didn't know that it previously belongs to a lady. Not my mistake, who asked her to unregistered her blog and then tell me that this is hers. I didn't register by mistake either. I was looking for black cat, but it wasn't available, so I tried black feline. I was lucky, the name was still available.

I didn't know that when you unregistered a blog, another person can register it for himself. Anyway, what's done is done. I am not going to give this back to her either.

For the next few months, years maybe, I will be busy with my study. However, a friend, who helped me with blogging, will be taking care of this blog for a while. Whatever plans he has for it, I don't know. He can do as he pleases :), as long it stays related to cat, be it about black cat or white cat. He has already started posting a few post.

How soon will I be back? Not sure, maybe blogging is not for me.

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