Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cat Health

Cats are curios animals. They are funny too sometimes. One minute they want to be petted and stroked, the next they are taking a swipe at your hand and acting like you are a stranger. Some people love the conundrum of pet cats, but there are others who hate them - black cat or whatever colors :) Lovable, regardless.

Love them or hate them, they are a still a common pet and have a whole host of potential health issues that will require veterinary care.

felix scratching

For those who never owned a cat before, you might think that having a cat as a pet is easy. Just visit a friend who have one. You will find that their cats are always active, playful and adventurous. Yes, that is true, but as any normal living creatures, the do have health problems. Cat health is an important factor to consider before getting yourself a cat.

But don't worry, I am just highlighting only. With good care, and a good vet, they will always be in good health.

Recent revelations in scientific research have also provided pet owners with the means to save their beloved family pets from diseases that would have caused the pet to be euthanized in the past.

Worse case scenario is to get a pet health insurance which works the same as human health insurance :) At least to cover your bills.

Respiratory Problems

Cats that have a respiratory illness often cough, sneeze, have runny noses, discharge from the eyes and are listless. Just like humans, this is contagious and should be kept separate from other cats. Some might have a fever. To threat this problem is to encourage your cat to drink lots of water.


Some cats are prone to getting abscesses. As the pus gathers a bump will appear on the cat’s skin. Take your black cat to a vet.


Hairballs are among the most common of cat health problems. When cats groom themselves, loose hair might be swallowed by them. Hairballs can occasionally pass into a cat's intestines and cause a blockage which can be a big problem,Removal may require surgery. To minimize this, brush your cat daily.

Worms, Lyme disease, overweight, obesity and they got everything :)

Remember one thing, cats are just like people, you take care of them, they'll be ok. Kitten care should be done early. Start them young. Taking your cat for a regular check-up with the vet, and keeping all vaccinations on schedule will help. It's easier to introduce all this at the early stage of a feline's life.

Prevention is the first line of defense for most feline illnesses. Do it right and your cat will have a long and healthy life. Take care.

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