Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Share Your Cat Photos Online

I was showing my father in-law on how to use my digital camera one day, when out of nowhere Felix jump onto our bench looking for attention. Typical for a cat, if you know what I mean. Felix is our neighbor's cat. He is quite old already, but I can't recall his exact age. It never met Jake or Hunter before, too bad. They could be great friends.

Say hello to Felix. I took about thirty photos, here's 3 of them. Sorry, I'm not a pro with cameras :)

felix the cat
felix the cat
felix the cat

Anyway, I was looking for a site to upload my photos. Kind of like having online photo albums. However it is not necessarily for cat pictures only, just pictures/photos in general. I found Registration was fast. You just need a user name and email to start. Uploading photos was very fast too. It was faster than uploading with blogger.

This is the photos I uploaded.

You could also create photo books, photo cards, business cards etc. I didn't have the time to check out all the functionalities yet, but I found out that not only you can share your photos online but you can also order the prints and for a limited time only, you will get the first 50 prints (of size 4X6) for free.

Quite a good deal, don.t you think?

Mind sharing your online photo sharing sites.

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