Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sterilization and The Black Cat

Sterilization simple means: The act of making an organism barren or infertile (unable to reproduce).

Many cat owners are frightened to take their pets in to be sterilized. They are scared that their cat will be 'different' after the process, but the truth is neutered cats are just as active as unaltered cats.

With modern technology, medicine and good care, a healthy cat will be back from 'the snip' within hours (not days).

Sterilization has many benefits.
For a male cat, it means no wounds from fights, and no spraying. Un-castrated tomcats spray strong smelling urine everywhere for territory marking and this is very troublesome for the owners of indoor cats.

For the females, they don't suffer from being in heat every few months. They have a lesser risk of being bitten by an aroused tomcat. When a female is in heat, males from across the neighborhood will fight each other for the privilege of mating and things can get nasty in that process, even for the female.

We are lucky that we don't need to go through that process to have sex :P

OK, seriously, you can actually sterilize a cat at a very young age. Anytime over the age of 8 weeks, but kittens are very fragile. Between 6 to 8 months is most suitable but, the best way is to consult you vet.

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