Thursday, January 1, 2009

Your New Black Cat

Happy New Year everyone :) How's your New Year celebration. I hope you had an enjoyable night like we did. Lots of people and lots of fireworks.

Ok, lets get back to your new black cat :)

If you have been going through my post, you will notice that I wrote a lot of tips on raising your own cats (well, sometimes I just put up an article which I found interesting :) )

Raising a cat is not difficult. It's very easy and most of the time it is very rewarding. The important part is to schedule some time for your cat. It's a living thing and needs attention. From my point of view, you can find all that in the raising a cat category.

If you are ready to get your new black cat, read every articles and then .. when you are done, don't forget about pets buying guide. You will need to hear from the professionals too :) I might miss some important tips. Check out the cat care products. Here, you can find tips on the things you need for your new black cat.

If you ask me, the important things that I would get first are
  • cat food
  • litter box and its accessories

Get the the ones that are practical first. Don't spend too much money at first as it may not be suitable for your cat. When you are already very familiar with your cat, you would understand its requirement then only get the ones that are really suitable for your cat.

Before that, just enjoy the time you spend together to get to know each other.

Happy New Year :)

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