Saturday, May 30, 2009

Horrible Hairballs

I post about hairballs before, but one funny question I received earlier this month is, "How cat gets hairballs problem"

Black cats don't like water. Trust me on this. If you are new to cats, bathing is the last thing you would want to teach your cat. Although they don't like water, they like being clean at all times. Funny isn't it?

They stay clean by licking their fur. Cats get hairballs mainly because they spend so much time cleaning themselves. Since cats also sheds, some of the hair may get swallowed during the cleaning process and end up in their stomachs.

Usually, the hair passes naturally through the cat’s system, but sometimes the hair becomes entangled and entwined in the stomach.

This is the problem. When a hairball that is too large to pass through the system, the cat vomits the hairball. Taa Daa! :) Horrible hairballs problem.

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