Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ducks and Cats

As a cat lover, all you could think off is your cat and nothing else. However, what if someone gives you a duck. Ya ... a duck. A little duckling to be exact. During the last Easter, somehow a baby duckling found a way into one of the Easter Gift baskets that I received. I know this little darling can be very adorable, but I prefer cats to ducks.

To cut the story short, I gave the duckling to my niece. She loves it and I am sure it can become a treasured member of her family. The only problem is that I only have one. I promised her that I get another one so that the one I got her does not get lonely.

While searching online for a place to buy ducksI also learn more about this cute creature. I got to know that ducks are easy to take care of and inexpensive. You can get one for less than $5. They can live as long as up to 20 years. Just like cat, if you are considering getting yourself a duck as your pet, you need to do your homework first to make sure that you are making the right choice.

Anyway, if you are thinking to get a duck, please do not plan to keep in as a house pet, as their lifestyle is not suited indoors. They are an outdoor type of animal, so you need to have a backyard. Keeping a duck in an apartment is really not suitable. If you can't do this, get a cat :) or why not a chicken. There are many chicken breeds to choose from as well.

Another thing you must consider with ducks is that you should not keep just one duck. Ducks are not solitary creatures and it is cruel to keep it alone. They are highly social animals and they need to mix around with other ducks. So make sure you have a big backyard. Unlike cats, you can keep just one if you want to. See why cat is better :)

The important thing is, whether a cat or a pair of ducks, you need to know why you need a pet. To just get a pet because you neighbor has one is not a good reason. So, if you are looking for ducks, check out this link to find ducks for sale.

Although I mentioned above that cats are better, there is one thing which a duck can beat a cat. Ducks can produce eggs and those can be eaten. And when you are really broke and have nothing to eat, you can cook and eat your duck, but it's cruel to do that to your cat.


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