Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Helle Berry in tight leather suit
helle berry as the sexy catwoman

A sexy, foxy lady in tight leather suit. For a some men, the vision of Halle Berry in shredded skin-tight leather is reason enough to see Catwoman. Basically this movie is about Patience Philips, a shy, reserved young woman who wants to be an artist but instead is a designer for an advertising company. She is mousy and lacking in self-esteem but a series of events, initiated by a mysterious cat, results in her discovering a terrifying secret that leads to her murder. The same cat brought her back to life but this time as a totally different person.

Academy Award winner Halle Berry is captivating as Patience, a female superhero of the 21st century. She is fearless as she seeks revenge on the people who killed her, and she attempts to save the public from the release of a dangerous product.

I would prefer to massage this kitten rather than a real one :)

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