Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Massaging Your Cat

This is the final part on the tips 'How To Massage Your Cat'. Please read the first two, if you haven't, before continuing reading this post. You can get the first two posts on pampering you cats here.

When you are just starting with a new cat, always rub with the coat. Don't go against it. Rubbing against the grain of the fur is usually taken as an invitation to play wrestle. You want it to be in a relax manner, so take note of this.

While your own cat, whom you have bonded with for quite some time, will enjoy having their bellies stroked, nervous or a new cat friends will find this position to vulnerable for it to handle. And many cats have very tickly tummies, especially the young ones.

Finally, if your cat is a little nervous, consider that a cat's natural enemies come from the above. Avoid starting with your hands above its head. Start from the chin. Use a finger or two to rub the chin and then smoothly, move to the back for a backrub.

When you hear that purr sounds slowly creeping out, you know that you are doing a good job.

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