Saturday, April 26, 2008

Siamese Cat

As the name suggest, are the Siamese Cats from Siam (Thailand)? I don't know, but I read about that this cat was once the breed of choice for the royalty of Thailand. Most probably that is how it got it name and that will make them the king of the house :).

The Siamese normally has a small to medium size body and it has a very long, slender body type. It has a wedge-shaped head with big ears. Mostly light colored and with bright blue eyes, anyone will fall in love with the Siamese Cats easily. One thing for sure, Siamese Cat is one of the most exotic breeds. If you are thinking of getting one, be prepared for you jealous neighbors. They might steal it fro you :P ha .. ha

I wrote about the Maine Coon Cat before and how I lost Jake and Hunter, but so far I have not get one yet. Should I go for the Siamese Cat? What about other cat breeds? Losing one is difficult, but thinking to get another is harder when the thought of losing it again kept popping. Maybe I just need to stick to my neighbor's cat when he drops by.

As I said before, if you are thinking to adopt a cat, get one that are very young age. That is between the age of six to eight weeks so that you don't need to feed your Siamese kitten with your own tits. I think a Siamese Cat is a good choice and very easy to maintain. Due to its short hair, it requires little grooming.

With a lot of information on any cat breeds on the net today, getting more information about a specific breed or how to care for your cat or where to find a cat for sale is very easy.

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