Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cat Myths

Malaysians cats are born with straight tails but people deliberately break them when they are kittens so they grow up with bendy tails

ha..ha, of course it's false. Curly, short and other funny looking tails are the result of genetic heritage. Purebred Manx cats, American Ringtails and Japanese Bobtails all have short or hooked tails.

The original wild Siamese and Thai cats from that region inherit genes that cause kinky peculiar looking tails too. Modern breeders have opted to breed out the characteristics but the wild varieties still sports their original charming curves and hooks :)

It's entirely up to you, whether you prefer a cat with short tails, long tails, bended or straight :), but don't worry, if your kitten have straight tails, it will grow up wit a straight tail.

... and while we are on this topic, black cat is not evil :)

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