Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cats Facts

Cats are very interesting animal and they possess really exquisite characteristics. Regardless whether the wild ones in or the tamed ones in out homes. As a cat owner, do you really know everything you need to know about cats? I hope these information helps.

  • Cats can see better than humans. Did you know that cats could see 6 times better than us? Yes, according to studies, it is during night time when cats could really see more than we could.
  • You can only find kangaroo in Australia, but cats are everywhere. Anywhere in the world, cats are existent from steaming Africa to icy cool Greenland; you could surely find them in different corners of the world. They may have varied looks or characteristics by counting in the different factors.
  • Just like dogs, cats could swim it just so happened that they are not into it that much.
  • An eighteen-hour sleep is achievable by cats in hot countries. These areas include desert-like areas and in some angles, the tropics.
  • There are different cats and most of them have rare characters.
  • One of them inspired ancient Egyptians. This is the Sphynx. Actually, it does not have any hair at all.
  • There are cats called Manx which originate from the Isle of Man and that they do not have tails. They just have this so-called stub.
  • Who do not know the fastest animal? The Cheetah is of course another member of the cat family.
  • There are also fishing cats which really show great skills in catching fish.

These tidbits are just some of those cool yet factual things about cats. When your aim is to explore more about these animals, you could always use the power of the internet in order to familiarize yourself with the world around you.

When you wish to have your own cat, you could also consider those factors that may make or break your choice. There are actually different choices of cats for pets. In general, cats are very good pets for they are very affectionate.

According to research owning cats as pets is most beneficial for ill or old patients. It has been found out that animals like cats could reduce their depression and other negative feelings brought by solitude and sickness.

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