Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Black Cat Owner Needs a New Laptop

It has been quite a while I am using my current HP laptop. Not that it has broken or not working. It is still in working condition. The only problem is that it is getting old. With Windows 8 coming up, most of the latest version of programs would be optimized for Windows 8. The current laptop is running on Windows XP. I don't the existing specifications can support Windows 8.

So, if you are a cat, how do you advise your owner on which cat friendly notebook he should get. Ha.. ha..

Anyway, my main usage, other than surfing the internet, would be editing the black cat photos and his friends. And maybe running some flash games and also doing some work with Microsoft Office. Nothing heavy like AutoCAD or editing films or playing graphic intensive video games.

I was told to that I could easily get discount laptops with performance by using coupon codes to buy a Lenovo laptop. I can expect to get the 2nd generation Intel® Core™ i7 processors with up to 6GB DDR3 1066/1333MHz memory, 320 GB hard disk drive and even a Blu-ray disc drive.

Cool, don't you thing?

A friend advised me to look for a higher amount of RAM. RAM or Random Access Memory is a type of memory that helps to increase the processing speed on laptops.  RAM allows the laptop to run multiple applications at the same time and not slow down. It complements the processor. Although I mentioned above that I am only a light user, but who knows. Maybe while using my notebook I would also like to play with my virtual pet. Adding RAM is much cheaper then upgrading the processor. So, instead of Core i7 processor, I could get the cheaper Core i5.

One big problem with a laptop is whether do they sell one that are resistant to cat scratches. This is one tough decision I have to make. I may not get the glossy surface type of laptop.

Another thing to consider, since I am a light user ... should I get an iPad instead of a laptop. It is much lighter compared to a laptop and it is much cheaper. An iPad is also easier to carry around. Just that, I I choose an iPad over a laptop, I still need to get an extra storage to connect to my home network to keep all my files.

So, what do you think. Should I still get a new laptop. The ones that is cat friendly or should I get an iPad?

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