Monday, June 25, 2007

How To Massage Your Cat (Part 2)

Some cats are nervous especially if they are new to you. With a new cat it is best to start with a chin rub. Run one finger down the side of your kitty's cheekbone, run it down the side of the chin and then down the neck of the collarbone. Repeat a few times. For variation, you can use two fingers, wriggling them a little as you move through the fur.

For a back rub, just run an open hand from the neck down to the tailbone in a long smooth sweep. Don't apply too much or too little pressure - aim for firm but gentle contact.

What, You don't have a cat? .. You can try it on your girl. With practice and the right skill, it will turn her on instantly. Trust me. You need to put pressure ... Oh! I am sorry, this is supposed to be a blog about cats .. sorry. I will continue the tips on massaging your cat tomorrow (or next week) :P

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