Monday, June 25, 2007

How To Massage Your Cat

Cats who live in the wild, whether they are lions, tigers, jaguars or stray kitties living in feral colonies in city, spend a lot of time grooming each other. This behavior is partly a way of keeping their fur neat and clean, and partly social.

One of the main social purpose of grooming is bonding. Just as mothers bond with their kittens by grooming, your cat feels closer to you emotionally when you stroke their fur.

Stroking cat's fur rhythmically can also help nervous cats calm down and sad cats cheer up.

While all cats, like all people have different likes and dislikes, most cats adore having their chins and backs rubbed. The chin and throat is extremely sensitive for any cats. To be continued ....

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Anonymous said...

The cats are best friend for human beings.the cats have their own special attitude towards world. we should love and take care of them.

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Chix at Six said...

Here's the video. this is how i massage my cat.

Black Cat said...

Hi Tom,
not only cats, we should love all animals.

Chix at Six, saw it and like it, hope u dont mind if i use it in this blog