Sunday, May 11, 2008

Pet Insurance

Specifically I am referring to a cat insurance. Is it a requirement? It depends on how much you really love your cat :P.

What is a Cat Insurance?
Hospital bills for us humans, can be very expensive. It's the same for cats. A pet insurance pays the vet when your cat requires medical attention. Some policies goes to the extend to pay you some money when your cat dies, lost or stolen. Hmmm .. imagine if you got yourself that Siamese Cat and it got stolen. At least you can use the money to get a new one.

Why do you need a Cat Insurance?
One thing for sure is that the price for veterinary medicine is increasing. No one wants their pet to be sick, but when it does get sick, it's covered. You don't have to worry about the bills as it is being taken care off. You only need to focus on your cat.

A friendly physical contact with your cat is known to actively reduce your stress. A study has shown that (sorry, I forget the link) owning a cat could literally help in reducing blood pressure and calming the overworked heart. If your cat has help you a lot in managing your stress, don't you think it's fair to have an insurance to help it get well rather than let it die when you don't have the money for the hospital bills?

Some insurance companies does allow you to pay by credit cards, this makes it easier as you will never miss your monthly dateline. Finding one is not difficult either. You only need to know what type of coverage you need and start comparing at

So, do you love your cat?

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